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I haven’t added anything new to my page in quite a while but please check out the new section I created under Lisa’s Photography- Black & White Photoscapes.  I also added some photos to Nature- Animals and Reptiles and to Landscapes-Deserts.

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Now that the weather is warming up and drying out maybe I will be able to get out and do more photography.  Have a long list of places I want to go this season.  So far I have just been enjoying the few days of sunshine at local parks including Tualatin Hills Nature Park in Beaverton and Tualatin National Wildlife Preserve down in Sherwood and of course our neighborhood park.  Looking forward to  a trip to the Olympic Peninsular and the Hoh Rainforest planned for the near future.  Was up there once before but it was in the fall so this should be very different.

It’s that time of year again…..  Oregon is such a wonderful place to be this time of year.  I never really grasped “harvest time” until I moved here.  We are blessed with such a mild climate and long growing season not to mention the wide variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts that are grown here.  But when the weather starts to change and you feel that little nip in the air you know that the winter rains are just around the corner and that you had better get out and enjoy what few rainless days we have left until next spring.

A drive through the countryside will offer up roadside fruit stands sitting on the edge of orchards, corn mazes and many farms that open their pumpkin patches to the public for just a few weeks for families to come and enjoy the day and get a taste of what farm life might be like.  There are two pumpkin patches near where I live that I look forward to visiting each fall:  The Plumper Pumpkin Patch and Tree Farm and the Roloff Farm.  Each is a unique experience.  Plumper Pumpkin Farm is open everyday of the week and makes a nice place to go during the week during the ‘quieter’ time so that you can stroll through their beautifully displayed produce and the  pumpkin patch of course.  The Roloff Farm is only open on weekends but this is a whole different experience because it is just ‘bursting’ with activity each day it is open.  Both farms offer an area to view the farm animals and lots of activities for kids and those that are ‘kids at heart.’ I posted photos from both of these farms last year but even if you have seen them check them out  again….I just added new photos to both places.  You can find the galleries under Ruralscapes~ Barns & Farms~ and then go to the tab for each one.  Enjoy.

No matter where you go or what you do the important thing is to get out there and enjoy ……because the winter rains are just around the corner.

I have spent the last couple of weeks and many many hours rearranging my web page so that it is easier to navigate.  I was also very far behind in adding new photos so I caught that up  Other than a few minor adjustments I am all done rearranging for now.  Most of the new photos were added to ‘Naturescapes” and it’s sub categories and to “Landscapes” and it’s sub categories as well. Be sure to check out what’s new.

I am selling some cards in my Etsy shop but not as many as I hoped….I think there are so many items listed on Etsy that unless someone is looking especially for my cards they are not going to find them. On the other hand,  my card business has picked up some outside of Etsy. 

I also added a “contact me” section with other alternatives of reaching me besides posting a public message or through my Etsy shop.

Hope you enjoy browsing my web site and find it somewhat easier than before.

     If you are a first time visitor to my page or if you are a repeat visitor…..please excuse the mess.  Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be working on “Remodeling” my web page……just rearranging the furniture a bit, so to speak.  When I am all done things should be a lot easier to navigate.  I have added so much content since I first published the page that I found myself needing to add some new categories, expand some of the existing ones, or just simply give up and delete some of the out-dated ones.  Some things may appear in two places for a while and some things may not appear at all.  Just try to overlook the confusion and visit often to see what’s new.

I recently found out about a really cool web site.   You can go onto the site and solve puzzles that others have submitted or you can sign up…for free….and submit your own photos and turn them into puzzles.  You choose how difficult (how many pieces) you want to turn your photos into.  You can also look up puzzles by user name.  I have turned lots of my photos into puzzles already.  If you want to check my puzzles out just enter LisaRoth under “by user” and solve away.

Have fun and be advised… is very addictive.

Even though we haven’t had the best of weather (Winters and early Spring never are) we have been out finding some new places nearby to get out and enjoy nature at it’s best (even in bad weather).  But now Spring has arrived and we have a long list of new places to go, and all just a few miles from home. 

Sauvie Island is a large island located in the middle of the Columbia River  north of downtown Portland.  Why we are just now discovering this place I do not know.  1000s of birds migrate to the island for the winter.  Swans, Canada geese and much much more.  Also it is a favorite place for Bald Eagles to hang out in the winter.

Two rather large wetlands areas are nearby as well, both in rural Washington County:  Jackson Bottom Wetlands and Fernhill Wetlands.  Many birds also migrate to these two areas in the winter.  Ducks, geese and many other types of birds.  Both have several miles of walking trails that take you “right into the middle of things.”

We also discovered two excellent nature parks within just a few miles of our house:  Tualatin Hills Nature Park and Cooper Mountain Nature Park. Tualatin is a dense forest with lush ferns and moss everywhere you look.  It is home to deer, newts, mushrooms of all types and many other interesting things to check out.  Cooper Mountain is just the opposite.  It is on the side of a mountain made up of mostly dry rocky terrain and prairies.  Hawks sail by overhead while you walk the many trails available.

I have posted some photos from these ‘new’ places but I am sure there will be many more to follow.  Keep checking back in my Nature sections and sub sections under Lisa’s Photography tab.

Sorry I haven’t posted many NEW photos in so long.  It has been a busy winter getting my shop up and running and Winter also means that the weather hasn’t been fit to get out and take many photos.

I made some changes today to how my page is arranged and also added a few new categories.  Hopefully they will break it down a bit and make things easier to view.

Most of the new photos I posted are under Lisa’s Photography…..Nature~Plants and Trees and also under Lisa’s Photography…Nature~Wildlife.  Be sure to look under the sub categories under both of these for Birds and Flowers.


I have been working on starting a very small business from home….turning my photos into blank note cards.  I am excited to say that I finally opened my Etsy Shop last night with several sets of cards.  I will be adding more sets on a regular basis.  Now it’s just wait and see……

I have photos of some of the sets right here on this website under “Blank Note Cards” but please feel free to visit my Etsy Shop at

Many of you may recognize the farm in the newest photos I have posted.  It is the Roloff Farm that is located just up the road from where I live…..the very same Roloff Farm  where the TV show “Little People Big World” originates.  It is such a wonderful place to visit in the fall when they open their Pumpkin Patch for all to enjoy.  We were fortunate enough to make it up there two times this season.  The weather was rather lousey on both visits but I was still able to get some great photos of their beautiful farm.

To view these newest photos go to ‘HDR Photography’ then go down to ‘Barns and Farms’ and over to “Roloff Farm”