All posts for the month September, 2013

I have spent the last couple of weeks and many many hours rearranging my web page so that it is easier to navigate.  I was also very far behind in adding new photos so I caught that up  Other than a few minor adjustments I am all done rearranging for now.  Most of the new photos were added to ‘Naturescapes” and it’s sub categories and to “Landscapes” and it’s sub categories as well. Be sure to check out what’s new.

I am selling some cards in my Etsy shop but not as many as I hoped….I think there are so many items listed on Etsy that unless someone is looking especially for my cards they are not going to find them. On the other hand,  my card business has picked up some outside of Etsy. 

I also added a “contact me” section with other alternatives of reaching me besides posting a public message or through my Etsy shop.

Hope you enjoy browsing my web site and find it somewhat easier than before.

     If you are a first time visitor to my page or if you are a repeat visitor…..please excuse the mess.  Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be working on “Remodeling” my web page……just rearranging the furniture a bit, so to speak.  When I am all done things should be a lot easier to navigate.  I have added so much content since I first published the page that I found myself needing to add some new categories, expand some of the existing ones, or just simply give up and delete some of the out-dated ones.  Some things may appear in two places for a while and some things may not appear at all.  Just try to overlook the confusion and visit often to see what’s new.