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Even though we haven’t had the best of weather (Winters and early Spring never are) we have been out finding some new places nearby to get out and enjoy nature at it’s best (even in bad weather).  But now Spring has arrived and we have a long list of new places to go, and all just a few miles from home. 

Sauvie Island is a large island located in the middle of the Columbia River  north of downtown Portland.  Why we are just now discovering this place I do not know.  1000s of birds migrate to the island for the winter.  Swans, Canada geese and much much more.  Also it is a favorite place for Bald Eagles to hang out in the winter.

Two rather large wetlands areas are nearby as well, both in rural Washington County:  Jackson Bottom Wetlands and Fernhill Wetlands.  Many birds also migrate to these two areas in the winter.  Ducks, geese and many other types of birds.  Both have several miles of walking trails that take you “right into the middle of things.”

We also discovered two excellent nature parks within just a few miles of our house:  Tualatin Hills Nature Park and Cooper Mountain Nature Park. Tualatin is a dense forest with lush ferns and moss everywhere you look.  It is home to deer, newts, mushrooms of all types and many other interesting things to check out.  Cooper Mountain is just the opposite.  It is on the side of a mountain made up of mostly dry rocky terrain and prairies.  Hawks sail by overhead while you walk the many trails available.

I have posted some photos from these ‘new’ places but I am sure there will be many more to follow.  Keep checking back in my Nature sections and sub sections under Lisa’s Photography tab.

Sorry I haven’t posted many NEW photos in so long.  It has been a busy winter getting my shop up and running and Winter also means that the weather hasn’t been fit to get out and take many photos.

I made some changes today to how my page is arranged and also added a few new categories.  Hopefully they will break it down a bit and make things easier to view.

Most of the new photos I posted are under Lisa’s Photography…..Nature~Plants and Trees and also under Lisa’s Photography…Nature~Wildlife.  Be sure to look under the sub categories under both of these for Birds and Flowers.