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We were so impressed with the carousel in Salem that we went back for another visit last week.  I added 20 new photos  to the Salem “Riverfront Carousel” Gallery.  To view these new photos go to HDR photography + Other Buildings and Structures + Riverfornt Carousel.  Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the carousel.

While reading through one of my “what to see and do in Oregon” books I ran across a very short mention of an Old Fashioned Carousel, The Riverfront Carousel that is located in Riverfront Park in Salem Oregon along the Willamette River.  We decided to go down to Salem to check it out yesterday (July 17, 2012).  The Carousel was built in 2001 and has  horses that were hand carved from wood and painted by volunteers (very talented volunteers) in the workshop located next door to the carousel and gift shop.  The carousel is housed in a glass building.  In the summer, the glass walls/doors are slid back allowing a nice breeze to blow through.  In the winter, the carousel is decorated for the holidays.  Each horse is decorated in a unique way and is given a name.  The carousel and horses are absolutely stunning and a true work of art.

To view the 30 or so photos of the carousel go to HDR Photography- Other buildings and Structures- Riverfront Carousel~ Salem OR