All posts for the month June, 2012

A sad reminder of all the lives lost and all the destruction of the March 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan washed up on the Oregon Coast this past week.  The first of much more debris and clean-up that we face on the Pacific Coast.  The dock that washed up was 66 feet long, 17 feet wide and 9 feet tall.  It was one section of an elaborate dock system that was in Japan 15 months ago. Photos of the dock can be found under HDR Photography- Coastal and Nautical- Central Oregon Coast.

While out at the coast we hiked out the Drift Creek Falls trail near Lincoln City.  It was a beautiful hike through old growth forest and full of the giant clover and ferns that I love.  Photos of the trail were added to HDR Photography- Flora and Fauna.

No trip to Newport would be complete without a visit down to the Bayfront.  Check out these photos added to HDR Photography- Coastal and Nautical- Ship and Boats, Past and Present also look under HDR Photography- Landscapes– for the latest ‘sunset at the beach’ photo.