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Several years back, not long after we moved to Oregon we became fascinated with the murals painted on the sides of buildings along the main streets of almost every small town in Oregon that we would drive through.  We even entertained the ideas of trying to do a book on the murals of small-town Oregon.  Quickly we discovered how difficult it was to take photos, or at least good photos, of most of these murals because 1) there were almost always cars obstructing the view or 2) In most cases the city decided to post various signs (with very tall posts) or plant trees on the sidewalks right in the middle of the length of the mural or 3) Many times the murals were so big it just wasn’t possible to get the whole thing in a photograph unless you took it from a weird angle.  Even so, the murals were still very interesting to us.  They were a way of the small towns telling their history  to those passing through who took the time to stop and look at them:  A way for the towns to express their personality and show what’s important to their individual speck on the map.  These are not the best photos I ever took…..not by a long shot…..but they are interesting.

To view mural photos look under Regular Photography-Murals~ Community Art.  Be sure to not miss the fly-out for Part 2.  There were too many to put into one gallery.

Had a beautiful day to go out and re-take some photos from rainy days past and to finally get some photos of a clover field.  I have been wanting to take photos of  the clover fields for 3 years now and finally got around to it.  The clover field was amazing to see AND hear.  There were billions of bees buzzing all about.  The retakes were of Thompson Mill in Albany Oregon and Mission Mill in Salem Oregon.  It was a dreary day when we visited both of the mills last so got a chance to take some sunny-day photos of both of them.

To see photos look under HDR photography- Flora and Fauna…… also HDR photography- Mills and Machinery-Thompson Mill and Mission Mill.

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  We are on Day 14 with NO RAIN…one day short of tying an all-time record for number of dry days  in May.  This is a real rarity here and one that I have very much enjoyed.  Great photoing weather.  Lots of new photos to look at. 

Two new catagories under HDR Photography-Flora and Fauna-  The Grotto and Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. 

Also under HDR photography- Flora and Fauna-  New photos added to My Backyard and Japanese Garden (again). 

Added some new photos to HDR Photography-Coastal and Nautical- Northern Oregon Coast and Columbia River

Also HDR photogrpahy-Misc.- and People and Pets

Also HDR Photogrpahy- Planes, Trains and Automobiles Etc.- Cars and Trucks


No spring in Oregon would be complete without a visit to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon.  We almost missed it this year but ended up making two trips down right at the end of the season.  Last Sunday was packed, which made it a little difficult to get descent shots so we went back on Wednesday.  The weather wasn’t quite as nice on Wednesday but it made for some dramatic cloud and puddle pitures and there were hardly any people there so we practically had the field to ourselves.  This gave me a chance to really try out my new camera (a Nikon D5100).  I still have a lot to learn about the camera but I can’t think of a better way than the colorful tulip fields to break it in.

To view the new photos go to HDR Photography-  Flora and Fauna-   Tulip Farms

I just added the new photos to the ones from last year.