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On my recent visit back home to SC I explored some of the backroads and lesser known places around where I grew up.  This included a visit to South Carolina’s oldest standing bridge, it’s only surviving covered bridge, a couple of grist mills, country churches and old cemeteries.  Even an old Esso Gas Station complete with outhouse out back.

You can find these photos in their own gallery under HDR Photography- Travel- Carolina Countryside 2012.  They are also distributed throughout the web page under whatever category they best fit in.  Enjoy this blast from my past.

I recently made a trip back to South Carolina to visit family.  While there I spent several days down in Charleston.  Due to their early spurt of very warm weather (some of which I experienced while there) the flowers in the gardens had already come and gone but I enjoyed visiting Fort Sumter, Magnolia Garden and the Audubon Swamp Garden, Drayton Hall and Middleton Plantation and Garden.

It was right at 90 degrees each day that I was there with about 90-100% humidity….about more than this Oregonian could handle without completely wilting (even if I did use to live in the South).  I only got sunburned 3 times and overall had a good time.

To find photo highlights from my trip look under HDR Photography- Travel- Charleston 2012