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Had a wonderful Valentines Day and found a new place to take photographs.  Now just need a sunny day to go back and take more photos outside of the grounds.  The old Mission Mill was built in Salem Oregon in 1895 and is now a part of the Willamette Heritage Center at the Mill.  The heritage center has a museum and there are three pioneer houses from the 1840’s and a church on the grounds.  Presbyterian Missionaries settled the area long before “the Oregon Trail” and the mill was built later in 1895.  It was a special treat for me to be able to tour this mill.  I grew up hearing stories that my grandmother told about her and her brothers and sisters all starting work  in the cotton mills at a very young age.  Even though Mission Mill is a woolen mill I think that it must have been very similar and it was nice to get a glimpse of how it would have been for my grandmother to work in the cotton mills of the south.  You can find the photos of our visit under HDR photography~ “Mills, Factories and Machinery”~Mission Mill.

February 6 & 7:  We had a beautiful day (for February) on Monday so we decided to go into downtown Portland and take photos of the skyline and some of the old churches in the downtown area.  We went home, watched the weather and decided to spend Kurt’s other day off (Tuesday) driving (2 hours each way) down to Albany to take photos of some covered bridges we had visited several years ago and go to Thompson Mill State Park, a place we had not been to.  When we left Hillsboro it was sunny with big puffy clouds but the further we got down the road the uglier it got.  The weatherman LIED.  We continued on and made the best of it.  Took some so-so shots but found a new place to put on our ever growing list of “Places to go Back to when it is SUNNY.”

If you want to see the results for the two days check out the photos added to “Churches”, “Other Buildings and Structures (Downtown)” , “Covered Bridges”, and “Mills, Factories and Machinery.”  All of these categories are Under the main heading “HDR Photography.