All posts for the month January, 2012

January 10:  Tried photographing something new today.  Something that I have never photographed.  We went to the Tillamook Air Museum and I tried my hand at photographing airplanes.  You are probably thinking “what’s so hard about that?”.  Well, I found out that it is harder than you think.  The planes are so large that you can’t possibly get the whole thing in a photograph, at least not and make it interesting.  It was a lot of fun.  I always love a new challenge.

January 1:  Went down to Sherwood Oregon in search of some old junk cars to photograph.  Saw an old Dodge truck sitting up on a hill, under a tree behind someone’s house and thought…that would be cool to photograph.  About that time this young guy pulls into the driveway and starts toward the house.  Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to photograph that truck, we rolled down the window, gave him a big hello and asked if he would mind if we took some photos of his truck.  He and his father were both very nice to us and curious about all the photos we were taking.  In the end, the father told us about another place just down the road where there were some more old junk cars.  It turned out to be a very productive day.